Máquina de Redes para Pesca

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Equipped with 1 latch needle bar. 6 ground guide bars (set 1 in - 1 out), 2 pattern guide bars (for selvedge), 1 knockover comb bar, 1 sitch com bar

Provided for 6 yarn beams with 17” - 30” flange diameter. With electronic beam auto feeding system or machanical let-off system.
4 roller fabric take-up with change gear box or servo motor drive. Separate batching device with its own drive for taking up a fabric roll of up to 40” = 1016 mm dia.
  • Aplicación de hilado
    HDPE monofilamentos, polyester, nylon.
  • Ancho
    75" - 260".
  • Medidas
    6 - 18 puntos por pulgada.
  • Sistema de suministro para urdimbre
    Desde vigas para urdimbre
  • Rendimiento
    350 - 400 RPM.
  • Número de barras
    8 Barras base
  • Motor principal
    4 kw - 7.5 kw.
  • Peso de la Máquina
    6,000kgs - 9,500kgs.
Drive of the knitting elements by combined crank and special cam, which are dynamically balanced and run in oil in the machine bed. Inching drive for easier run-in and for control of knitting element.
Infinitely variable AC-motor.
Electronic guide bar system or pattern chain link system