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Onion Bag Machine - WMD

Onion bag machines: (so-called "ready-made sacks" for packing orange, lemon, potato, ...etc.)
For special wide nets.
For double layered nets.
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  • Onion bags (So called “ready-made sacks” for packing orange, lemon, potato......etc.)
  • for special wide nets
  • for double layered nets
  • Yarn let-off system method described below:
  • Yarn feeding from slitting extension machine
    (ISO system)
  • Yarn feeding from creel stand
    Yarn feeding from warp beams
  • Taking of warp knitted sacks. The continuous netting is batched into rolls of 1000 mm dia.
    or online automatic cutting machine
  • Applicable Yarn
    HDPE flat yarn, Mono filaments,
  • Working Width
    170" - 210"
  • Machine Gauges
    Packing Sacks: 2-6 needles / per inch
  • Warp Supply System
    From: Warpping beams / Creel stand / Slitting extension M\C
  • Performance
    500 - 600 rpm
  • Number of Bars
    9-11 Ground bars
  • Main Motor
    7.5 kw
  • Machine Weight