Specializes in Protection Net Machine and founded in 1978, Wei Meng Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading company in Protection Net Machine industry in Taiwan, and we have a strong invention team and own new technology to produce a range of raschel knitting machine and related equipment.
Raschel Knitting Machine & Whole Plant Equipment Supplier For Making Nets and Bags
  • Productivity / Efficiency is greatly improved via a rather round and smooth rotary motion that cuts vibration and noise by replacing the old-school cam motion mechanism with the crankshaft connecting rod motion mechanism in combination with knitting machine whole plant equipment.
  • Obtainment of function, quality and output improved with the supportive devices added or remodeled for functional upgrading under the cutting-edge technology is guaranteed.
  • Availability of solutions and customization is a value of what is made by WMI.
Technical Innovation
  • Electronic pattern system: Productivity and capacity are greatly improved under speedy alteration of organizational structures of fabrics without purchase cost and installation space of traditional mechanical pattern links.
  • Crankshaft connecting rod motion mechanism: A fine rotary motion mechanism design cuts vibration and noise and thus improves speed of the machine greatly.
  • Laser thread stop (broken yarn detection) system: Replacement of manual supervision improves productivity and quality at the same time.
  • PLC control system: Precise and handy operation is secured by full-time monitoring of mechanical operation and setting of feeding and take-up parameters effectively.
  • Advanced electronic feeding system: Both capacity and quality are improved via the advanced e-feeding system with the active and precise sum of yarn feeding instead the passive mechanical yarn feeding.
  • Electronic density take-up system: The fabric density is obtained fast and precisely by setting PLC and HMI free of conventional adjustment of changing gears.
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